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1 Assitant Professor, Political Science, University of Semnan, Iran

2 M.A. of Economics, University of Semnan, Iran


In the last two decades, perhaps the most important issue ahead of the states of
world is economic development. This is especially true for third world countries
been suffering from a historical backwardness. In these countries due to the lack of
social and economic institutions, which is associated with economic development,
the government has always adopted developmental policies and applied
interventionist measures, in turn, led to increase underdevelopment. This paper
focuses on Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe to investigate the effects of
interventionist state policies on economic development. Mugabe's policies led to the
widespread proliferation of the sector of agriculture in this country and as a result,
the most of the economy was destroyed. In this period, Zimbabwe is an example of
hyperinflation. Indeed, Zimbabwe as an African country and a member of National
Union, not only suffered from severe inflation, famine and poverty, but it also
suffered from political outcomes of the economic decline, especially the inefficacy
of the power of the executive management.


الف: فارسی
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October 2014
Pages 565-586
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