The national development strategy is result of communal presumption among the elites. Internal coherence of the social relations and thoughts are manifested by it. Development needs the highest degrees of coordination and coherence. In Iran, various strategies including the import substitution and from 1988 forth the export promotion are declared by the government. Privatization and structural adjustment are among the newer programs. But considering "national strategy" whatever the government calls so is naively. In fact, before this one must examine whether modern sate-nation is formed in a given society. What are the effects of social cleavages from one hand and the gaps between state and society from another on the development strategy formulation? In this essay, I will try firstly to criticize state-centered theories and by showing their defections I will apply a more inclusive approach, Olin Wright's theory, which analyses multifaceted relations between state-society and social cleavages. In doing so I will not be mechanical but I will consider Iranian particularities.