In recent two decades, the international system has encountered a new period that is called Globalization. Globalization has not only affected the states’ sovereignty, but has also led to the formation new players in world’s arena which have dominated the world’s economics. Governments’ reaction to globalization has been differed. Some of them have resisted in this process, while others have tried to create new political and economical capacities in order to adapt to globalization. This paper has tried to discuss the impact of economics globalization on Iran’s Foreign Policy making. The requirements of economics globalization have been considered from two aspects: first, economics approach to foreign policy which has led to the appearance of the role of economics instruments in Iran’s foreign policy. Second, adopting dialectic method to confronting globalization which could lead to changes in decision maker’s attitudes, the efficiency and the development of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Policy. Any way, entering the globalization arena is an essential political decision and one of the ways to remove the possible obstacles in the process of globalization is to reform the economical structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran.