Nowadays rote and position of each country for achiving to national interest in international scences depend to world geopolitical strategies and the other hand national securityof eaceh country has near communication to national power and geopolitical and threat of that country.
In this base geopolitical strategies has effected to national seeuniy of country .
changing of Ameriean geopolitical strategies after dispution of geopolitical balanee during of cold war had very counseqenced in world and reginal scences especially in the Middle East that Iran is in the center and exile of it.
This changing caused serius argument about of national security of Iran. Especially that the U.S.A in age after cold warr for put the middle East as perfect own geostrategy and direction adopted this geoeconomic with own geostrategy areas and to follow composed peacehul . in the bourder of north , west , and south of new heartowd that form .
This changing had made this question that what relation has betwean changing of U.S.A geopolitical strategies and national security of Iran?
What is the deffened strategy with probably threats of national security of Iran ?
This article supply to finding for answering to questions.