The Purpose of present article is to review relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council since 2003. This review is based on the analysis of historic events and affairs, such as Iraq occupation and formation of shi'ee government in that coumtry, the dilemma of a nuclear Iran, and thirty four day war in Lebanon in this period of time By the development of shi'ee discourse in the region as a result of increase in shi'ee power in Iraq, and sensitiveness of sunni Arbab countries towards the establishment of a strategic alliance between Iran and Iraq as well as Lebanon events as evidences for the formation of shi'ee crescent, the Middle East entered in a new disourse challenge. This challenge have had considerable influence on how resolve or escalate Iran's muclear crisis. It has happened by convergence between Arab countries points of view and US invasive approach to Iran. For intra-regional contradictions we try to keep under observation important events and affairs in the Middle East and their influence on Iran's relation with the Persian Gulf cooperation Council and explain it by a scientific approach. It will be done by using realist indices such as balance of power and suspicious between two sides.