The main purpose of liberalist economy which has been found on the basis of utilitarianism philosophy deems to be economic growth and public welfare. In theis way, it has been an instrument in the service of capitalism. Furthermore, its achievements have been wide difference of classes and the continuation of richness of some particular groups and finally the spread of the oppression and injustice.
In this article, we are going to discuss the fact that although some liberalist philosophers and economists talk about justice in distribution, however, essentially, principles and basesof this school deny justice and this paradox is because of the incompatibility of liberalist principles with justice. The main purpose of liberalism is akind of growth and development which is contrary to justice. But conversely, the important characteristic of the economic system of Islam is that its commands and laws including its economic laws are based on justice, a concept which is rooted in principles and bases of this religion.
In addition to the perfect collection of laws, principles governing to the ownership, production, distribution and economic growth and development in this economic system are in harmony whith the main goal of justice.