Justise is a Word-a Concept and a Phenomenon. The Phenomenon- Concept and Word of Justise is like Politics very easy and at the same time very difficult. Political Justise is Justise in Politics and justly Politics. Political Justise - Justise in Politics and justly Politics is equilibrium between or middle Economic Development and Cultural Transcendental. Transcendental Justise is in front of and against of dis- Transcendental and ordinary Justise or natural Justise and too one dimension Justise and is higher of it. Ordinary or natural and one in dimension Justise is material Justise. Pure material Justise in fact is not Justise. But is external and partial or littele Justise and is imperfect or defective and contradicting Justise or in Justise. Even is likeness and misgiving(of) Justise. Means injustice or opperassion and cruelty. Transcendental Justise is perfect and coherence Justise or perfection and coherence in Justise.