Democracy is a modern model that united nations, governments, nations, in the last decade of twenty century have started that to prevent war, violence and it was due to of creation of international peace and security. Requirement to know different dimensions of the subject of tendency of current research, as consideration of globalization of democracy and its effects for international peace was aimed. The questions of research are mentioned bellow:
1. Can the globalization of democracy bring international peace and security?
2. Will the globalization of democracy causes some changes in the international rights?
For the key concepts of research that means globalization & democracy and peace and security, some definitions are available that are mentioned in these writings. The tools of this are used for the research and some outlooks from the sources have been taken and events and dimensions research of subject have been analyzed and they are related to the first question and the duties and the usages of different aspects of united nations a and processes of governments have been studied and the investigations show that the results in the united nations is that peace and security is an important part. And some councils in these filed have been established and these councils due to the role of democracy in some countries, knows it as a peace matter and role and it can be added to the regulations and the execution processes.
But analyzing data is for the purpose to answer the second question and the method of changes in the triple-concepts which is the main right of choosing the desting for nations and the main reasons for the lack of using of violence in the international relations and the note lack of interpretation in the domestic affairs of countries. And due to globalization of democracy some conclusions have been taken that are in the field of changes for these concepts and by some actions of governments, united nations and international tribunal or court of Ministry of Justice and doctrine are being formed. Even though different dimensions, in the level of international points will be cared more. And in response to the third question first the framework of practical theory can be mentioned that in the recent two centuries because of economical and technology changes and the aspects of globalization method have been connected to each other in a way that no government have the right to accept or can accept so much damages. Since the countries that are in the process of globalization of democracy and make some changes in these fields can be called the developing countries. These kinds of countries are under some crisis such as the crisis of identity and the crisis of rights. And then the analyzing the data in relation to power role in globalization of politic, culture, economical have been mentioned and globalization in the case of being a process or a project it can be a tool against others the Islamic Republic of Iran can by having an exact knowledge and realistic outlock and the aspects that are being formed and international method and by using of legally capacities, religion and national cultures and values and by performing the matters of democracy and people-heading of religion have so many improvements. In this case Iran would definitely have some so much benefit and the threads will be changed to some opportunities. And the results of opinions and comments that are related to the questions of this research absolutely match each other. And in the last second of research the actions have been done for collecting the texts and statements of findings of research and discussion and interpretation of data and conclusion of articles and suggestions that are available in this research and the suggestion for searcher are provided.