It seems that resolution of internal conflict is studied less than the international one. Current literature in this regard is not focused on theoretical aspects of conflict resolution, particularly, on conditions and necessaries of resolving these kinds of conflicts. Nevertheless, in political science literature it is possible to find some texts that implicitly or explicitly are related to this subject. This article is a theoretical introduction to internal conflict resolution. In other word, by identifying and classifying important related texts, it seeks to conceptualize this phenomenon and provide an analytical framework.
According to this framework, the state has an importance role because of its determining factor as well as variable both in to outbreak and to resolve of internal political conflict. Also to reconstructing of political, economic, legal and cultural systems are the essential conditions for to accomplish of any conflict resolution project. Therefore, establishment of “conflict resolving state” is a indispensable condition for resolution of internal conflict in “Turbulent and Unstable societies”. Such a state must be powerful, institutionalized, pluralistic, democratic, development oriented and justice oriented.