Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor; Political Science Department, University of Tehran


Political philosophy Critic of social contract from view point of Rousseau:
describes the general social contract and especially in Rousseau theories and
political works, considers it as a main question and replies and processes them. In
this thesis, beside consideration of the main contract, we are looking for text
resource and the concept of contract as a proclamation and general common
covenant. So, the role of religion and according to first interpretation by Rousseau ,
LAW and LEGISLATOR or legislation and in his final interpretation, civil
religion will be determined. The relation between these, are two subjective pivot
and pivotal subject of this thesis. The major theory and final goal of the thesis is to
explain the positive and ipsilateral relation between faith and policy, religion
and sovereignty and religious law and government in republic contract and in
contract republication in political theoretical system and in Rousseau political
system theory . In contrary with the present doubt ,contradiction and even the
substitution of social contract in policy instead of religion and faith which is
attributed to Rousseau , clarifying this doubt , is the secondary question and theory
and it is the partial goal of the thesis .Beside this , the division of religion to
humanity (civility or republicanism and democratic ) and inhumanity ( social and
politic and also systematic ) and incivility are also the secondary goal of the thesis.
Appearance of Islam as a religion and humanism civilian religion or republican and
an influential view , theory and its system in sight and Rousseau’s political theory is
the result of this thesis and its’ applicable massage .