Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor; Political Sciences Department, University of Tehran

2 M. A. Student of Political Science, University of Tehran


Undoubtedly, Constitutional Revolution one of the most influential and
Constitutional complex events in the modern history of Iran. Apart from these
effects, the fields are always many questions about the emergence and success (at
least in the Revolution) has been existed. This study pursuing new view to survey
the Constitutional Revolution based on Johnson model and its adaptation with this
Revolution. According to this model, the change in the value and environmental
resources in Qajar society and their role in creating the disequilibrium in the social
order, and then to evaluate the performance of elite accelerators in the process will
be discussed. Also, positive and negative aspects this adaptation will be considered
along with the use of the model in the study, the shortages and limitations of this
work are noted. It seems that this model does not fully implement to the
Constitutional Revolution and have some shortages. As a result, at parts of it need to
be modified in order to generalizability to explain this historical phenomenon.