Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor; Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies


Islamic jurisprudence is now faced with the question whether the capacity to
respond to social and political issues of the day to be able to support Islamic rule
is legal? In ReplyThere are different views on this question. In this paper, we
focus on the assumptions and attitudes Javaheri jurisprudence, Imam Khomeini,
the religious approach to achieve a dynamic political jurisprudence. The approach
is developed based on the concept of "duty" as a matter of law. Islamic law is the
obligation of the subject. Not specific to any individual. But also on society and
the Divine obligations are addressed. Be the duty of the Islamic Law and Society,
spoke of the commandments. So the "state" is a legal concept as it follows the
broad political and social issues of the day without the political fiqh issues have to
be under personal laws.