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1 Assistant Professor, Shahid Mahallati Higher Education Complex, Iran

2 Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, Shahid Mahallati Higher Education Colmlex, Iran


The Islamic Revolution of Iran is an awakening movement which, undoubtedly, has
played the most basic and the most original role on awakening many of Islamic and
religious movements in recent decades. It is the only true religious revolution which
has emerged based on the thoughts and teachings of the pure Muhammadan Islam.
Thus, the Islamic Revolution of Iran cannot be compared to modern revolutions;
since it is unique regarding theoretical principles and aims, as well as its practical
nature. The present paper investigates the influence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran
on Tunisia. The authors seek to present the audiences an appropriate answer to the
following question: What is the effect of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on the
Islamic awakening in Tunisia? (Question) The effect of the Islamic Revolution of
Iran on the region and the world is one of the most important issues which is the
center of attention more than any time before, and by passing the boundaries of
modernity, has changed to an everlasting and dynamic exemplar and model with a
religious-spiritual background, and is linked and joined with the soul and hidden
nature of the lost-in-time man. (Hypothesis) The present paper tries to show the
significant effects of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on the Islamic Awakening in
Tunisia and the realization of Imam Khomeini's promise on exportation of the
Revolution. (Objective) Regarding the four decades passed from the victory and
establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its potential effects on some countries
has been actualized. The analys is done based on the "Diffusion Theory" shows that
the increase in the capacity and the spread of the wave of the Islamic Awakening of
Tunisia originates from the impact of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. (Methodology)
Tendency towards Islam and its being introduced as a deterrent factor against
imperial interests of great powers, fighting against arrogance and the rise of anti-
Zionist thought in the region, and also the formation, strengthening and modeling of
Islamic groups and movements from the Islamic Revolution of Iran can be
mentioned as the influences of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. (Finding)


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