Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, International Relations, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D., International Relations, University of Tehran, Iran


This article examines the human rights abuses perpetrated by the United Nations
missions in places like Kosovo, Congo and Haiti where the United Nations power
has been practically comparable to the State power. It will also investigate similar
cases of abuses committed by highest-ranking UN officials in New York
headquarter and Geneva offices. The violations examined in this article include not
just hundreds of documented cases of sexual assaults and rapes, and all kind sexual
abuses often of children but also tear gassing students, assaulting international
journalists, shooting at women and children and even killing peaceful protestors.
The article will show that the terrifying human rights record of United Nations is in
fact a result of the structure, nature and belief system of the ruling members and
officials of the organization. The article also examines the close affiliation of this
belief system with terror networks both before and after the end of the cold war.


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