The role of symbolic capital in the production and reproduction of identity distinctions in Israel

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of Law andPolitical Science, Tabatabaei University, Iran

2 PhD. Candidate, Department of Law andPolitical Science, Tabatabaei University, Iran


Jewish identity of Israel is one of the major problems in assessing the status of sociology, social policy and political structure. The mainstream Zionist discourse suggests that the distinction is one of the essential components of Jewish identit. This has led to direct and control the political behavior of the inhabitants of the political structure in order to facilitate the continuation and preservation of Zionism. This paper aims to answer the question on the minds of Jewish Israeli identity distinctions how it is constructed and reproduced. This study will show that the dominant class of Zionism, the capital symbolic distinctions of Jewish identity in the mental space to maintain the strategy, the reproduction is made.


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