Back to the self as constituted tradition: The Case of Jalal Ahmad

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor; Political Science, Faculty of Law and Theology, Shahid Bahonar University


One of the main concerns of intellectuals in the 40 and 50 th. Back to the concept of self-concern in such abundance in the works of Jalal Ahmad, law, and Nasr Farid is there. However, in this context, one must ask: Back to what self? In contrast, the return on the one hand, the rejection means and the other, a return to the past. However, such a return is guaranteed two assumptions: First, it implies awareness of the heritage of the past; the second is the return to the original meaning of a return to tradition. While the scrutiny, return to the default will be more than ever before. Hence, the present article is based on the assumption that tradition is constructed based on the ideas of antagonism Ahmad on a logical consequent it is nothing but a nativist and merge the religious with the political.


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