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Assistant Professor; Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran


Since the beginning of 1990 decade the vast region of east Africa has become a Battle place between some terrorist organizations and United States of America. Since then this extremist groups have tried to fulfill their goals in this region, whilst they are misusing the strategic situation of east Africa. One of the most important above mentioned extremist groups is al-Qaida that have had horrifying terrorist actions in countries such as: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and in some cases even threatened the general security of this countries.although terrorist activities of al-Qaida is mostly concentrated to America and its allies but it has created bad image of Muslims in east Africa as well as strengthening of America’s Fortification in east Africa that may have bad consequences for Muslims in near future. In this paper the roots and establishment of al-Qaida branch in east Africa and their terrorist actions against western countries- which have badly affected the peoples in this region- is studied as a main subject, while the main question is the essential factors effective on the process of gradual establishment of al-Qaida branch in east Africa. Convincing that the terrorist actions of al-Qaida in east Africa in two last decades has not been supported at all by east African Muslims is the main hypothesis and have a survey on the causes of creation of al-Qaida branch in east Africa (for the first time in Persian documents) is considered as paradigm of initiation of paper.


الف) فارسی
عرب احمدی، امیربهرام (1391). اسلام در شرق آفریقا، تهران: پژوهشگاه فرهنگ و اندیشۀ اسلامی.
---------------- (1387). اسلام و مسلمانان در کنیا، قم: جامعه المصطفی العالمیه (چاپ نشده)،
مطالعات میدانی نویسنده در کشورهای تانزانیا و کنیا.
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