Check out the reasons and how to revive the Western democracy as populism (with emphasis on the victory of Donald Trump)

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The present document therefore reviews and how to look for the emergence of a new wave of populism in some Western countries, including the United States. The rise of popular support from parties and the emergence of populist leaders in the West that Trump is symbol and sign it is the most important Pundits and political analysts has prompted this important phenomenon of different angles. The present document claim this is injustice and economic inequality along cultural and traditional values of resistance to discrimination in the West, the most important factors is the popularity of the populist parties and the leaders of the grassroots So that the leader of a populist movement Donald as its staff that ordinary people were able to use America's economic and cultural conditions prevailing in the United States, and the shadow of populist slogans come to power. . According to this research, which is a qualitative research is therefore descriptive it will be analytical test method claims


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