Political Irony and its interaction with the idea of democracy in the thought of Richard Rorty

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1 department of political science,Shiraz university

2 Graduate student of political science//Shiraz University


Richard Rorty was of the most important thinkers and philosophers of the last century that some of his ideas have classified at schools such as neo-pragmatism and postmodernism and some have interpreted his ideas in the following theories of new democracy in America. It seems that the cause of the approach is that thought of Rorty to have originated from many sources and inspire up new pragmatic ideas. According to this, the authors of this essay, are seeking analyzing the concept of Irony in Rorty's thought and discussion of how it relates to the theory of pragmatic democracy in the thought of Rorty.The findings of this study indicate that the concept of political irony in the thought Rorty that originated from important theoretical fields such as critique of modern reason staircase, Darwinism and pragmatism interaction, and also language philosophy theories is inspired, foundations built on a kind of negligence or opposition again certain knowledge. With negative outlook, the logical consequence of this approach, have been salvation from metaphysics, fundamentalism, and claim of compliance and apply the truth in the formulation of the theory of democracy in Rorty's thought. And with Positive outlook, according to an irony concept, emphasis on issues such as the necessity of political solidarity in the theory of democracy, is shown due to the on the nature of the pluralist democracy in the West


الف) فارسی
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