Review of the concept of civil responsibility and the formation of delibrative democracy in terms of Michael Walzer

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Private Law Dep, Law Faculty, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Law Dep. Law and Politic science Faculty. Tehran University.


Civil responsibility cannot be considered as a priori and simple concept. It is a multi-layered concept that can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine this issue from the perspective of contemporary theorist Michael Walzer. The methodology of this research is the method of interpretation based on critical realism of Hillary Patnum. According to this study, some of the findings include that civil responsibility or citizenship is not static in terms of Wallzer. This concept changes according to the temporal and spatial conditions and justice and complex equality are also real concepts based on the conditions of time and space. Indeed, civil responsibility is the dialectic between the individual and the social group which synthesizes it creates the state. Other aspects of the subject are discussed in the article.


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