Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Yasouj University

2 M.A Student, Political Science Department, Yasouj University


Certainly, democracy, the public sphere of human activity, why do people in this
area tend to interact with each other and Express their demands and interests. Social
movements, which Expresses the demands of the people, in the public arena are
formed and are active. But to explain the activities of new social movements, such
as the mobilization of additional benefits based on rational choice theory, would be
helpful. The reason for this change of representation, and in particular the objectives
of these movements the way activities. The movements of the other follows
Individual and group interests are focused on the use of instrumental rationality
theories are trivial. What is the main concern of the study, methods of analysis and
explain how the activities and purposes, by the new social movements. With regard
to the active The public sphere ities of these movements are spreading out and based
on dialogue and communication are, the basic relationship can be drawn between
them and Hagerman’s theory of deliberative democracy .thus, on the one hand, the
activities of these movements in its limitless, and on the other hand, the world wide
intents and purposes they are and what binds these two together, the sense of
Hagerman’s communicative rationality. In fact, this research seeks to explore and
demonstrate the implications of Hagerman’s theory of communicative rationality is
that the social movement has gone way up. According to the world wide conjectural
goalsT both from the perspective of Hagerman’s Deliberative Democracy, and new
social movements, and also the mode of communication and dialogue, on bedsides
can be significant coordination between the two was observed. This paper argues
that, as a new social movement, like movement for disarmament, green movement,
borrowed from the Hagerman’s deliberative democracy, whether in practice or in
terms of this theory have been affected, various aspects of this relationship that is
trying to be portrayed. Methods of this descriptive-analytical and using library
resources and documents.