The Application of Social Marketing Approach in Public Policy

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Public policy in a variety of areas likes social and cultural, educational, criminal etc. involves exerting efforts in order to change behaviors. Social marketing is an approach which takes advantage of commercial marketing in social fields. This article tries to introduce social marketing as a helpful approach for public policy. Although social marketing is a process, most of the social marketing models offer what is needed at the policy formulation level– based on policy cycle model-. So, the present article introduces NSMC, a model of social marketing, as a subcategory of formulation level and indicates 4Ps and MINDSPACE models can be used for choosing solutions. These models help policy makers to analysis personal and social situations in order to making optimal decisions for changing behaviors.


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Volume 49, Issue 4
January 2020
Pages 1043-1061
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  • Revise Date: 09 October 2016
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